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We are the UK's largest stockists of Mitsubishi Electric's industrial automation products, and one of only two key partners of Mitsubishi Electric Europe located in the UK. We've worked with Mitsubishi for more than 20 years and our knowledge and experience of the Mitsubishi product range extends from PLC's to Drives, HMI's, Software and Motion Control products. What sets us apart is our dedicated technical support team that can assist our customers with this vast product range.

As a global leader in the research, manufacturing and marketing of electrical and electronic equipment used in communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology and many more Mitsubishi is recognised as a supplier of high performance, reliable automation products.

With our Mitsubishi fixed and variable torque inverters, ranging from 110 - 415 volts both single phase inverters and three phase we are dedicated to delivering you the latest Mitsubishi variable speed power inverter drives that are both highly powerful and easy to use.

What to expect of Mitsubishi Inverters from

•    Availability from stock for same day collection or next day delivery
•    Experience support staff available by phone and email
•    Downloadable product manuals and datasheets
•    Competitive prices
•    Conformity to global standards, specifications and certifications
•    A broad product range geared to the needs of the market

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  1. Mitsubishi FR-CB205-ADP KIT
    Mitsubishi FR-CB205-ADP KIT
    Lead time - 5 Days
    Mitsubishi FR-CB205-ADP KIT Fr-Du07 And Du08 Extension Cable With Fr-Adp Adaptor, 5 Metre Learn More
  2. Mitsubishi FFR-BS-00126-18A-SF100
    Mitsubishi FFR-BS-00126-18A-SF100
    Lead time - 5 Days
    Mitsubishi Emc Filter For Fr-A/F840-00023?00126 Learn More
  3. Mitsubishi FR-ABR-H5.5K
    Mitsubishi FR-ABR-H5.5K
    1 in stock
    Mitsubishi FR-ABR-H5.5K External Brake Resistor (On A740, Turn Off Internal Resistor Before Fitting) Learn More
  4. Mitsubishi FR-A7AR-Ekit-SC-E
    Mitsubishi FR-A7AR-Ekit-SC-E
    Lead time - 5 Days
    Mitsubishi FR-A7AR-Ekit-SC-E Additional Free Configurable Relay Outputs Kit For E700 (Including New Cover) Learn More
  5. Mitsubishi FR-A7AR-E KIT
    Mitsubishi FR-A7AR-E KIT
    Lead time - 5 Days
    Mitsubishi Relay output card Learn More
  6. Mitsubishi FR-A7AX-Ekit-SC-E
    Mitsubishi FR-A7AX-Ekit-SC-E
    Lead time - 5 Days
    Mitsubishi FR-A7AX-Ekit-SC-E 12-Bit Digital Input Function Kit For E700 (Including New Cover) Learn More
  7. Mitsubishi FR-A7AX-E KIT
    Mitsubishi FR-A7AX-E KIT
    Lead time - 13 Days
    Mitsubishi 12 bit digital input card Learn More
  8. Mitsubishi FR-A7AR
    Mitsubishi FR-A7AR
    Lead time - 9 Days
    Mitsubishi Relay output card, 3 circuits Learn More
  9. Mitsubishi FFR-BS-00250-30A-SF100
    Mitsubishi FFR-BS-00250-30A-SF100
    Lead time - 5 Days
    Mitsubishi Emc Filter For Fr-A/F840-00170?00250 Learn More
  10. Mitsubishi FR-PU07
    Mitsubishi FR-PU07
    1 in stock
    Mitsubishi 10 key keypad Learn More
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