Omron Inverter Drives

We've worked closely with Omron for over 40 years and we are the only one of six Omron Premier Partners within the UK. This is how we're able to offer you access to Omron sales and support resources within the UK, Europe and Japan as well as future product information. We offer a range of Omron products at discounted prices for various inverter applications and areas, providing a perfect combination of speed control and energy-efficient operation machines to meet your automation needs.

Our Omron inverter drive range consists of both fixed and variable torque inverters depending on your duty needs. These single phase inverters and three phase inverter drives range from 0.5kW to 185kW in power and are known for being highly efficient.

What to expect of Omron Inverters from

•    Availability from stock for same day collection or next day delivery
•    Experience support staff available by phone and email
•    Downloadable product manuals and datasheets
•    Competitive prices
•    Conformity to global standards, specifications and certifications
•    A broad product range geared to the needs of the market
•    Simple operation and configuration
•    Outstanding product reliability

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  1. Omron AX-REM00K6100-IE
    Omron AX-REM00K6100-IE
    £48.10 £40.08
    Omron Braking Resistor, 100 Ohm, 600 W Nominal Learn More
  2. Omron AX-FIJ3011-RE
    Omron AX-FIJ3011-RE
    £53.23 £44.36
    Omron AX-FIJ3011-RE JX Footprint RFI Filter, 11a, 400 VAC, 3-Phase, For 2.2, 4.0kW Models Learn More
  3. Omron AX-FIM3010-RE
    Omron AX-FIM3010-RE
    £55.25 £46.04
    Omron AX-FIM3010-RE MX Footprint RFI Filter, 10 A, 3~ 400 VAC, For 1.5 To 3.0 kW Models Learn More
  4. Omron AX-FIJ2006-RE
    Omron AX-FIJ2006-RE
    £61.06 £50.88
    Omron AX-FIJ2006-RE 3G3jx Footprint RFI Filter, 6 A, 3~ 200 VAC, For 0.2-0.75 kW Models Learn More
  5. Omron AX-FIM3014-RE
    Omron AX-FIM3014-RE
    £62.69 £52.24
    2 in stock
    Omron AX-FIM3014-RE MX Footprint RFI Filter, 14 A, 3~ 400 VAC, For 4.0 kW Models Learn More
  6. Omron AX-FIM2010-RE
    Omron AX-FIM2010-RE
    £67.01 £55.84
    Omron AX-FIM2010-RE MX Footprint RFI Filter, 10 A, 3~ 200 VAC, For 0.12 To 1.1 kW Models Learn More
  7. Omron AX-FIM3030-RE
    Omron AX-FIM3030-RE
    £76.46 £63.72
    Omron AX-FIM3030-RE MX Footprint RFI Filter, 30 A, 3~ 400 VAC, For 5.5 To 7.5 kW Models Learn More
  8. Omron AX-FIJ3020-RE
    Omron AX-FIJ3020-RE
    £78.43 £65.36
    Omron AX-FIJ3020-RE JX Footprint RFI Filter, 20a, 400 VAC, 3-Phase, For 5.5, 7.5kW Models Learn More
  9. Omron AX-REM00K9020-IE
    Omron AX-REM00K9020-IE
    £78.86 £65.72
    Omron Braking Resistor, 20 Ohm, 900 W Nominal Learn More
  10. Omron AX-FIM2020-RE
    Omron AX-FIM2020-RE
    £88.18 £73.48
    Omron AX-FIM2020-RE MX Footprint RFI Filter, 20 A, 3~ 200 VAC, For 1.5 To 2.2 kW Models Learn More
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